Dienstag, 27. November 2007

peter from vienna

peter is a designer from vienna. his label superated plays with the theme football like the other labels they promoted at blickfang under the name 11 meter mode. actually this stand was real eyecatcher at blickfang. his jacket is designed by himself. more information: www.superated.com and www.11metermode.com

colourful alex

alex from berne is never wearing any black. she loves to combine all the colours. her label she promoted at blickfang is kembo nui, furniture and accessoires for kids. of course in colours like pink, blue and yellow. she makes the design and the illustration and also she paints the tables herself. www.kembo-nui.ch

simona in lyn may

simona is unfortunately not wearing lyn mays underwear but looks cute anyway.
she was promoting the lingerie of her friend evelyn may at the blickfang fair in zurich last weekend. www.lynmay.ch

Samstag, 24. November 2007

happy love with torcasso

after a hard night david torcasso found happy love... david is a very diligent journalist, working for the newspaper heute since october. he had a stüssy pullover and - very important - a matching stüssy shirt underneath. his nice red bike is not on the picture.

carol rocks!

carol is working at yamatuti store in berne. the store is now located at aarbergergasse, is very big and has a lot of cool miscellaneous stuff. perfect to find a special and cute gift. carol is also writing for the newspaper heute and soon for berner zeitung. with her friend paul she's organizing the coolest rockabilly festival. every year in july at the hangar in birr, switzerland. www.crazyeventik.ch

lolo in rainy berne

also lolo, an old friend who used to work for me, crossed my way in berne... he will studying at sheffield. i think with his style he'll match england very well.

sarah at studio roger reist

i met sarah at home in niederwangen when i made a little excursion to berne this week. she lives there together with photographer roger reist which has also his nice studio there. think we will have some plans together... for more nice pictures of her check www.sarahnuenlist.ch or www.myspace.com/sarahnuenlist

danae and horst

danae loucatos is a friend and stylist which i met after quite a long time at h&m showroom. actually we were happy to drink prosecco there, but then we found a ayurvedic buffet with healthy juices and biologic stuff to eat... :) but it was nice! the day after we made a shooting together with tim wielandt at eth for the magazine "schweizer illustrierte".

verena from h&m

verena cottier is from h&m marketing from geneva and of course, she's all wearing h&m clothes from the spring collection. in the h&m showroom we could get a glimpse of the new spring and summer clothes, which are very cute. a lot of floral and hippie stuff...

Dienstag, 20. November 2007

religion with steffi

stefanie beckers has her own fashion agency and is representing some cool brands such as french connection, colcci, religion and more.
this saturday 24th of november, she has a special sale at kaufleuten lounge from 11-6 pm. there are clothes for guys and girls. only cash! check it out!

Montag, 19. November 2007

caro in the dark

the only ray of hope that night was my new intern caroline busch. a talented, fresh, sassy, curious, diligent, witty, charming, young, german woman that is really into working with me. so we celebrated these good news together. she's also working at kaufleuten. so if you see here hard working there, be nice!

model in black light!

that model showed clothes in the dark with just black light. i think that were some diesel-clothes but i didn't really see it :) so this event was the night tennis of sony ericsson, a quite special event. drinks were good (thanks bossi), the venue was fu**ing freezing, the music too much techno and the people too much of whatever.

Donnerstag, 15. November 2007

stefan is presenting marilyn manson!

this is stefan jermann, a famous photographer. he also publishes books, like one with the young gods. his next project is with marilyn manson. did you know that manson is also a talented artist? 29th of november the vernissage of his exibition will take place at cabaret voltaire in zurich. the exibition will last till january 6th. www.truce.ch

marc: bad boy with big bag

this guy crossed my way right after swarovski press date. marc is a graphic designer at cosmic in zurich. his amazing bag is from bernhard willhelm.

monika in swarovski

this amazingly glittering dress is from swarovski. and the nice lady you can't see is monika erb (www.monikaerb.ch but actually the best thing of the new swarovski collection are some small headphones with crystals all over. need them!

plushy miriam

miriam dembach is from wiesbaden but lives for two years in zurich and works for the magazine bolero. she's a fashion assistant and of course - very fashionable. i loved her plush coat from the thrift shop and her bag from bulgari.
her favorite designer is jonathan saunders and her fashion icon is isadora duncan, a dancer from the 20s.

martina into the blue

martina russi is a fashion assistant of the magazine SI style. she was wearing a very blue jeans from cheap monday. the big scarf she bought at h&m, years ago.
she didn' want to appear in heute, but she loooooves blogs. good for me!


cuc is patricks wife and liam their lovely son. he was wearing a little arafat-scarf, so cute. he's one year old and of course he's already into fashion. beautiful mother cuc likes kate moss and sienna miller. what she doesn't like is neon.

andi the cooking-chief

andi made the delicious catering at the wearhouse pr day. samosas, dried fruits and vegetables, meatballs and dates with bacon are only a few of his compositions.
he is wearing shoes from surface to air, the big upcoming french brand.
his fashion-icon is james dean. that's nice, cause once i pictured a 15-year old guy and asked him to pose like james dean. he didn't know him!!! our sad youth!

patrick in the wearhouse

patrick ebnoether is, together with mimi kleibrink, the owner of the wearhouse in erlenbach. they are the agents of very nice brands like twenty8twelve, caliban, blueblood, april77, tretorn and a lot more. at the pr-day patrick organized a lot of washing-machines which was a very nice decoration.

Mittwoch, 14. November 2007

katja with short hair

katja crossed my way in ankas house where we watched "switzerlands next topmodel".
she just cut her hair very short at kandis hairdresser. very nice! her shoes are from lux, the jacket from stockholm, bag from zara and the scarf was a present. katja works as a hair&make up artist.

poems for eve and bernie

eve and bernie opened a store called poem in zurich. there is a lot of stuff from the label blutsgeschwister and other cute clothes and accessories. "bärn"ie is also from berne, but left the small town seven years ago! poeme is located at stauffacherstrasse 102. www.poeme.ch

neil very young

this is neil, the younger brother of oli magnin, who's working with me for blofeld. his parents were big fans of neil young.. that's the reason of his special name.

Sonntag, 11. November 2007

gorgeous sabine

we also shooted sabine heierli. she was third of the miss switzerland competition of last year. i styled her with a dress from danish label modström, shoes from h&m and a vintage belt of nina ricci.

shooting with matthias and andreas

today we had a shooting for scout models matthias and andreas. elijah castson made the photography, daniela koller the hair&make up and i did the styling.
the models are wearing clothes from armin azadpour.
www.castson.com, www.azadpour.com, www.danielakoller.com

later that night....

robin from maria luisa in paris, a buyer, was in the jury and he was enjoying the afterparty with barbara, fashion council from london.

the gals of 20 minuten

these lovely chicks are christina duss and kerstin netsch from 20 minuten week. they have a great sense of style and are always telling the latest trends in fashion.
they're wearing black like a lot of people at stella, but that's alright!

tommys slippers...

what the hell was tommy hilfiger wearing for shoes? i think he forgot to change his slippers to shoes when he walked out of his private lounge (with own toilet!!) to the catwalk of the stella award show at toni molkerei. kind of sweet with the crown!

fiona from nzz

fiona hefti was wearing a dress from diane von fürstenberg, the bag from loewe, the jacket from vivienne westwood and the shoes from bally..... cute!

mahara at stella

ok i had to change the picture... now it's me and mahara mc kay. she is wearing fury shoes from glam. they were so hot, that she had to take them off during the stella show...:)
don't miss the next tnt-party: 30. november at piranha, langstrasse.

Donnerstag, 8. November 2007

indian summer with erica

erica matile is one of the "old bunnies" in the fashion circus. of course, she's wearing her own design. erica by erica.
and she was asking herself if she can go crazy with her styling for the stella award show of tomorrow. of course! go for it girl!

cavalli-coucou? cavalli-circus? cavalli-crap?

michi scheffler, hair&make-up artist and i went to war at h&m. i was glad that i didn't really wanted any of this stuff so i didn't had to fight. michi was buying this one nice woolen cardigan and me - at least - i took some tiger underwear. that's enought tiger for me. a lot of that stuff really looked a bit cheap.
michi is also my partner in the tv-show "style academy" from faces tv on pro7. he's always wearing some special clothes, but today he had these cute braces on.


she could play in a sofia coppola film...
this gorgeous bombshell is juliana kara. she's working as a model and her hobby is having her pretty little store called glam at badenerstrasse in zürich. if you don't know it, you have to visit her pin-up world! if you are lucky, she's serving you a cup of tea and some cute little tarts from the bakery of barbarella's. yummy!

marc betschmann knows who&why&where

marc betschmann (formerly onitsuka and puma) works as a fashion-agent and does some cool brands like the danish modström. he's into the latest hype like the jacket he's wearing from surface to air. this is the french creative studio, which is also responsible for the cool video D.A.N.C.E of justice or the artwork of chromeo.
this brand you will get at fidelio and the gloss.
his shoes are from springcourt, also a french label. which was worn earlier in the days by the beatles and fabulous serge gainsbourg. www.marcbetschmann.com

Mittwoch, 7. November 2007

trophäe soon at blickfang!

lovely olena from trophäe with her brother sergej at the rooftop of her atelier at bahnhofstrasse in zurich. it was windy and cold. sergej is wearing a t-shirt from the newest collection. trophäe has t-shirts with prints of the city of zürich and they will sell them at the upcoming fair called blickfang. www.trophaee.com www.blickfang.ch

ralf from "firma"

ralf ackermann rules the store "firma" at badenerstrasse in zurich.
he has very high-quality clothes and of course - he's wearing his label as well.
please take a closer look to the "gamasche" around his leg. with that you can't have an accident because of your new wide trousers sticking in the wheel...this is from his own label, which doesn't have a name by now.. any suggestions? www.firma.net

Montag, 5. November 2007

rakaa from dilated peoples

rakaa from los angeles hosted the whole show of bc one. he was wearing a cool adidas trainer special edition muhammad ali by artist leroy neimann.
he likes to buy his socks and boxershorts at the swapmeat!
ok that was my little excursion down to johannesburg.

afterparty with tim

ok this is not really a special outfit but it has its story. tim who is working for mtv is heading to the spa at fabulous park hyatt hotel in jo'burg. it's half past seven in the morning and yes - this is a vodka in his hands.

ronnie winner of bc one 2007

ronnie is a b-boy from las vegas. he won the red bull bc one 2007. you can check his crew under: www.fullforcecrew.com

adrian at the hotel

adrian is a talented journalist from zurich. to pimp up his outfit he took the nice hat of the concierge. very chique....
adrian also plays music at clubs under the name dj chewie. he bought a lot of kwaito music: south african rap. i like it a lot. he made a nice tape for everybody of our swiss/german crew.

tumi from mtv

tumi works at mtv and showed us all the cool places. she says that sharp means awesome in south africa and that carfax, the club where the afterparty of bc one was held, is a bit like the p1 of south africa. and there is a very dangerous drink called PK!: a shot with absinth and strohrum... deadly!

drunk not drunk

drunk is a b-boy and dance instructor from hongkong.
he likes power rangers and his crew you can find under www.rhythmattack.com

matthias from kingsize

matthias is the marketing director of kingsize magazine stockholm.
he impressed me everyday with his style. his fashion icon is ghostface and some swedish tennisplayer called jesper parnevik.

decida from stockholm

decida maria is a stylist and freestyle dancer from stockholm.
she works for kingsize magazine and calls her style ghetto-barock. i liked it a lot! check her fashion blog: decidastyle.blogspot.com

red bull bc one in jo'burg, south africa

end of september i was in johannesburg. invited by red bull for the breakdance event of the year, red bull bc one, which was held in an old power station in soweto. wicked! i loved it.. remembered me so bad to the 90's and the parties at coupole in biel, switzerland...
let me show you the most interesting people i met.

Freitag, 2. November 2007

pin me up zoe scarlett!

that pin up is built to last! zoe scarlett from basel took a short trip to zurich today. her dress is from martin jascur. if you like to see more of zoe visit her website: www.zoescarlett.com

bruce darnell@C&A

where are the silver shoes from vögele?
bruce at the C&A fashionshow in cologne last week
did you know that this guy is already fifty? wow!

Donnerstag, 1. November 2007

handsome pete

a pretty handsome version of pete doherty crossed my way yesterday evening
alain, make-up artist from zurich

lisa with red shoes and stretch trousers!

red shoes saved my morning...
i really pictured already a lot of red shoes around zurich's langstrasse...
lisa, graphic designer from zurich