Freitag, 29. Februar 2008

midi and guy playing tennis?

no they don't, but aren't they sexy? these are the clothes midi and guy are wearing as trio eden in their new show called "heiweh to hell". i think it's the last weekend they play, you should see it. it's very funny.... a lot to laugh. and they have quite cool outfits, like this here and a lot more.
check their website and the plan when they're playing:

tugba with the red scarf

we met tugba (it's named tuba like the instrument) on the way to the train. and took her also to this nice wall at the landesmuseum. she was wearing a cute beret and she likes the brand kookai a lot.
picture by caroline busch.

Mittwoch, 27. Februar 2008

rez with the rukka jacket

rez is also working at olmo store in berne and is an old friend...
he's wearing almost everything from olmo of course - the nice shirt with tie from fred perry and the jacket from rukka. actually this is a swiss quality worker brand, but stylish and therefore in olmos range of products.
most important: the prada glasses from bärtschi optik! he hates to wear brands like this but he couldn't find any other nice glasses....

Freitag, 22. Februar 2008

bling bling kids michael und sean-paul

oh yes sean-paul IS his real name. spotted this kids in niederdorf zurich. they are only wearing jeans from evisu (250 swiss bucks by the way) and a lot of bling bling stuff of a shop named blingbling. they wanted to spell snoop dogg for me, how sweet, i said: "thanks, i know how to spell snoop dogg, i met him once". (ok it was jay-z and others but i had to say that) could you imagine the open mouths? he he.
pictures by caroline busch

Mittwoch, 20. Februar 2008

anita from taiwan

anita visited zurich for the first time. she liked it a lot, but for her it was a bit cold. therefore her mother knitted her this nice wool cap. she hates sports, but she loves photographing and the style of mischa barton.

tülay always sexy and stylish

tülay works at h&m and is always in style. this time she's not wearing anything from the store she works in!!! i think that's ok... h&m is so popular they don't have to worry. tülay is wearing almost everything from antalya, her turkish city. she used to wear everything but it has to be sexy all the time.. oh yes!

Dienstag, 12. Februar 2008

priest with style: johnson

this is johnson eliezer, a very nice and wise man, swiss of indian origin, who i met end of december. he runs a store called CPH with his danish wife. they have a lot of very special clothes and accessorizes, most of them from scandinavia. the store in bern is already seven years old, the one in zurich is very new. you should check it out!
johnson also works as a priest - no shit. and he has an orphanage in india.
his style icon is god- who designed the universe and all passionate newcomers...... it was really nice talking to him.
CPH: Bern: Kramgasse 30, Zürich: Scheitergasse 3

georg and mauro: it's ska-metal!

no it's not tokio hotel. this is how ska-metal-freaks look like today. their fashion idol is joey jordison (drummer of slipknot) and they would never wear tight pants! ok.
picture by caroline busch.

a nu'rave teacher called natalija

natalija was working in the window of jelmoli to arrange some clothes when i caught her. liked her glasses and the sneakers.. of course the red lips. nice combination.

Montag, 11. Februar 2008

tef from sulaga city - wherever this is!

back to some more people from zurich...
like tef which i met in december at langstrasse... was really funny cause she didn't wanted to be pictured but then she had a lot of fun posing in front of the cinema sex.
she said her style is "lost". she was wearing a lot from the brocki and some things stolen from friends or found on the street....

Samstag, 9. Februar 2008

bonaparte: berlins napoleon

ok i don't have to name him with his old name but it's old friend tj, who lives in berlin now. i could stay at his very big apartment and that was really nice. he has a very cool band named bonaparte now and they're playing really good punk music. there is a lot going on on stage and everybody has his character. it's amazing to watch. tj is the singer and is wearing special clothes like this vintage uniform-jacket from scharade costume rental in berne when they had to close. the cat-cap is from misery and the fish-mask from italy... strange but cool... and in berlin it's normal that nobody is really normal-but that's ok, i like it. can image to live there as well.

berlin: brigitte with the russian hat

it was so nice to meet my bernese friends brigi and susan in berlin. we made a cultural tour (sunday the shops are closed) to the wall of berlin, to the holocaust memorial and checkpoint charlie. brigi bought this very nice communist hat. so she had a warm head. the nose was already a bit cold.... soon we will push her finally as the pin up model she already is. will be the place to be....

berlin 5: annika with the marc jacobs bag

annika is a student from berlin and worked at the apartment showroom, which i visited. she's calling her style eclectic....
the dress is a vintage dress she bought in new york and the bag is from marc jacobs.

berlin 4: makin from hongkong slash london

makin was wearing his label makin janma and was wondering why i asked him some strange questions about fashion. but i needed it for the newspaper heute. he couldn't understand why i wanted to know what fashion means to him and what he would never wear. this what he wears here looks very good i think. and i like the ball behind.

berlin 3: nadja the cute forest girl

nadja was sitting there at ideal with her great pullover that her mother made her especially for the fashion exibition. so that she has something special to wear. how cute! nadja did a lot for the ideal exibition: she made the graphics for the flyer and she also picked the music for the fashion show.

berlin 2: stefano from biella

italian guy stefano was also exibiting his brand at ideal. of course he's wearing a lot of his label called camo. he lives in biella near milano and his favorite shop there is called superstar. and

berlin 1: julian with the red sox

always funny to talk with someone in english or german and then you realize it's a swiss! julian is living in berlin and was helping his friend at the ideal fashion exibition in berlin. he wore cute socks, pants from april77 and the vest is from q.e.d., the label of his friend. you can buy it at surface to air in paris! he adores the japanese and their style.check: