Freitag, 28. Dezember 2007

séverine blond "tussi"

that's what she's called by her friend simon and was laughing. how cool if you can tell with a smile of yourself! séverine matches the tag behind her with her nice green shoes from metro shop (yes, they have nice stuff!). she works as a visual merchandiser for globus. interesting! and besides she likes the shop lux plus in zurich and - h&m!

simon: no more silver hotpants!

i met simon again when i was visiting my family in berne over christmas time. simon used to work for the way party at kornhaus bern in silver hotpants! wow! but thats years ago, the pants are gone now. instead of them he is wearing some slim jeans and a nice coloured pullover from berlin. his great bag is an original from his grandma. his style-icon is globi! how sweet and how swiss!

Donnerstag, 20. Dezember 2007

cute little nicole

we know each other for a long time, but worked together first time. nicole is living in zurich for many years, but is from berne as well. she's working for migros magazin and we had a funny shoot with four sisters in more or less big underwear.
nicole is wearing a very nice pullover, which she found in the salvation army store. and she's wearing jewellery from her own little internet shop. she loves to travel and bring along nice stuff from all around the world. check:

nga and sonja with nürnburger würstl

nga and sonja were eating some würstl at the christkindl market marienplatz in munich. they both work for süddeutsche zeitung. i liked especially ngas scarf and dress. very cute.

hyunjung from munich

hyunjung was sitting in this amazing café jasmin in schwabing with her boots, but i had to take her out of the place to picture her. it was a cold weekend so the best is to wear yeti-boots like this. hyunjung is a student from korea and by the way, the skirt she's wearing is a part of her wedding dress!

Mittwoch, 12. Dezember 2007

susan is letting the sunshine in

when i walked through langstrasse i ran into susan, a very colourful and cheerful woman that i had to stop right away. she took me in the backyard of her studio where she gives yoga-classes, massages and where you can go to the sauna. i'm sure she's a good teacher. i'll check it out sometime... for sure when i live nearby.

Donnerstag, 6. Dezember 2007

adrien with the bolivian scarf

adrien was playing music at longstreet tuesday evening. he's a artist from geneva who likes to come to zurich more often... his jacket is a uniform from a music-band which he bought at emmaus store. and the scarf from a bolivian guy on the market. they have nu ravers too in south america :)

jewl queen of the night

dj jewl was playing some great sounds at the beat wars party at bbq. and i love her style as well. her top bought her grandma 20 years ago at C&A. good that she kept it! and she loves her chain above everything. we like it too! rock on julija!
pic by oli

hello jeffrey!

jeffrey with sounding last name "provencal" came with a very funky outfit to the beat wars party at bbq. why there are not more that dress that colourful? i love the little hello kitties and the glasses! rave on!
pic by oli

Mittwoch, 5. Dezember 2007

claudia is not acting coy this time

claudia wintsch, my beloved friend, party-animal and pr manager at blofeld doesn't like to be photographed. but i catched her!! yeah. also she looks very good with her fresh shirt and the cap. unwashed hair or style? style of course!


anita, the lovely barmaid of bbq was in a very good mood. unfortunately the party had not so many people. but she liked the music and she liked to be pictured. thats good! pic by oli

cappellini at his best

david cappellini, fast&furious journalist from 20 minuten at beat wars party last friday at bbq club in zurich. what the hell is he doing with this spiderman glove in the bathroom?? hm at least he looks well trained...we like that! this, the glasses and the glove are the only reason to post him here.
pic by olivier magnin

erika supermodel

later that night we met sweet erika, who left the show switzerlands next topmodel. that's ok i think. it was much more sympathetic when she worked as a host for us...and i hope she'll do it again.
actually she was in the 50cent corner, cause it was his afterparty at st. germain. what a pity - for owner carl hirschmann - that manson didn't showed up. i think that was the reason he was so pissed and not very gentle to some people... carl carl!

brigi&dorienne for manson

look at our gothic-chique hosts for marilyn mansons vernissage!
the night of wednesday 28th was special and i think there is still some absinth - sorry - mansinthe in my blood, cause i needed one week to post a new blog. time is running... unfortunately mr. manson was attending his vernissage only for ten minutes, but as he said "good make-up", it was a big honour for najat, who did this wonderful work (not to forget the picture i made of manson on the front of heute and in the luzerner zeitung!).
styling: tina&trophäe
hair&make up: najat zinbi