Samstag, 26. Januar 2008

raphael with the stiff jacket

raphael delan waited very long for his "brokeback mountain" jacket (god bless heath ledger) which he ordered through klang und kleid (st. gallen). this very expensive jacket is made out of the thickest horse
raphael is a dj and unfortunately he is closing his record shop at aarbergergasse 40 in berne. you should check it out cause everything is on sale now!

"mr. kitchener": chrigu

not really mr. kitchener, but just to mention: olmo and kitchener are the hippest shops in berne. chrigu is working at kitcheners.. he's always looking a bit tired, but kind of sexy. and i think it's cool, that he likes to wear baggy pants but also slim pants. he's really fashionable and has more shoes than any woman!
so if you need some nice shoes or pants, he'll help you at the store.

mr. olmo: francis

francis, owner of bernes hippest store is always in style.
he's wearing some new shoes from g-star (yes, they produce shoes now) which are very classy. usually he's wearing sneakers.
he and his team are having this shop for years. he started it with his brother in 1977!!! and with a lot of trendy punk clothes. almost all the cool boys and girls (like me :) used to work there in their free time. francis is a really good business-man and was always a hard-working guy. i never forget his words, he told me: i always worked, also in hot summer-days when the others were swimming.. you really have to compromise to reach your dreams!

Freitag, 25. Januar 2008

emely is watching the stars

matthias, producer from topfuel entertainment, berne-city, is always looking for the best sequences. he's filming and cutting for his and his brothers company.
his shoes are from icecream and the were reeeeaaallly expensive. sometimes he plays really good music as a dj. he's also known by the funny name emely (almost like ...the strange...)
keep it up ol' friend!

colourful seline

seline was collecting bounties for endangered species...of course i had to give a donation after i could take a picture. that was a pretty expensive one. she was wearing a lot from the "brockenhaus" and called her style cheerful! rightly!

bern school-teens: nathi and joenu

more berne city kids. nathi was crying some minutes before, the picture made her laughing again.

bern school-teens: vera and myra

some cute city-teens that i pictured for heute.

Dienstag, 15. Januar 2008

morocco nr. 10

back in marrakech, the wonderful garden "jardin majorelle" of yves saint laurent. the most colourful and peaceful garden of the world i guess. just amazing!
that's the background, sorry. in the front it's pola, a student from berlin.

morocco nr. 9

very hippie. and also very cute these two girls who passed my way in essaouira. that's the way it should be - just beautiful and easy going!

morocco nr. 8

this girl lives in essaouira for about three months. how nice! i could do that as well...

morocco nr. 7

very traditional, but also very nice.

morocco nr. 6

model? actress? who is this wonderful hiding-face-girl with the minnetonka boots and the nice moroccon scarf?
we will never know..

morocco nr. 5

easy-going-chilly style on the beach of essaouira. and carrying a little cute puppie has a lot of style too!

morocco nr. 4

also the moroccon girls have their own style. combining traditional fashion with modern style....interesting combination!

morocco nr. 3

of course that's a tourist. english girl with nice style. and the sun was back! yeah!

morocco nr. 2

seems that hats are the latest shit in marrakech....
and iron maiden!

morocco nr. 1

cool posing on the floor in a movie in marrakech. (oh yes it was raining and we went to see "die hard 4" in french!
check out the glove :) pretty funky....

Sonntag, 13. Januar 2008

guest photo07: angela with the poncho

this cute young girl named angela was wearing an amazing poncho which she bought on the flea market at bürkliplatz in zurich. with shoes from bally and a vintage-bag from chanel, she's not a label-victim, but a real fashionable it-girl!

guest photo07: philippe always classy and style!

philippe a very good and old friend of mine is always dressed just perfect. from crazy clothes when he was younger to classy and elegant in his years now. he often has tailored suits with nice details. big up for philippe! original from berne, living in zurich as an event manager.

guest photo07: aimée-fiona

wow! aimée-fiona don't just have a really nice name (you know the film aimée&jaguar?) she's also wearing really eye-catching clothes....
her style is gothic and she's from basel.

guest photo07: worker-over-all stephan

guest and exibitor stephan schacher, famous photographer who lives in zurich and new york. he was wearing an overall from levi's, underneath shirt and tie! cool!,

photo07 nr. 20: LISA

lisa: graphic designer, illustrator, model and party organizer from zurich,,

photo07 nr. 19: OLENA

olena: designer from zurich

photo07 nr. 18: SOFIE

sofie: graphic designer and actress from zurich,

photo07 nr. 17: DADA

dada: musician and artist from zurich,

photo07 nr. 16: EVA

eva: graphic designer from zurich

photo07 nr. 15: CLAUDIA

claudia: journalist from zurich

photo07 nr. 14: ZAIRA

zaira: student and soon the responsible person for my new company
she's from zurich...

photo07 nr. 13: DOMINIK

dominik: director/producer and journalist from zurich,

photo07 nr. 12: LEA

lea: student from zurich/berne

photo07 nr. 11: DORIENNE

dorienne: student and model from berne

photo07 nr. 10: SAMO

daniel bolliger aka samo: photographer, web&graphic artist from zurich/london,,

photo07 nr. 9: MAIRA

maira: model and student from zurich

photo07 nr. 8: ZOE SCARLETT

zoe scarlett: pin up model from basel

photo07 nr. 7: LOLA

lola: model from zurich,

photo07 nr. 6: LALA

lala: model, bartender, party organizer from zurich,,

photo07 nr. 5: YVES

yves zumstein: art director 47NORD+

photo07 nr. 4: CARO

caro: student and soon intern for my companies: and
she's from zurich, actually from hamburg

photo07 nr. 3: MIA

mia: hair&make-up stylist from berne

photo07 nr. 2: JOEL

joel: model, journalist, photographer from basel

photo07 nr. 1: JENNY

jenny: student, director/producer from zurich,

Samstag, 12. Januar 2008

photo07 exibition at maag, zurich december 07

if you couldn't make it to the exibition photo07 from 27. to 30. december i will post here all the pictures that i showed there. i was exibiting my 20 favorite street style pictures from the last year. a few where already in the blog...
by the way: A HAPPY NEW YEAR with lots of more colourful and crazy-styled people!