Montag, 31. März 2008

toujours toi regula

regula with the sweet shirt works for the migros magazin. she has a cute style. on the picture she's wearing earrings from toujours toi and the bag is from her grandmother. a great vintage kind of bag which i would love to have too!
she uses the bag for her knitting stuff.

what's behind yachi and yasuha?

yachi and yasuha were two students from london. they just visited the vitra museum. we met them in basel in front of a new club. the doors are still closed, and there's just a big questionmark on the door. what will open here?

Sonntag, 2. März 2008

ford supermodel florence

we did a shooting with visage's supermodel florence fehr. actually i liked her personal style a lot, so we made a picture after the shoot. (that's why she has so much make up on!). she's wearing h&m, a leatherjacket from marrakesh and a nice scarf from patek philippe. the skull-chain is from vestibule - we used it for the shoot. (photographer was chris opel, hair&make up by mitzi). florences style icon is agyness deyn. no surprise!