Freitag, 11. April 2008

stephanie loves the boutique cph

stephanie is a journalist at the magazine "blick". she was just back from an interview she had done with gerhard schröder.. 15 minutes was the time he gave her. 15 minutes at his side in the snow and she tried to get him talk on some delicate issues - that was no easy task, she said! she came back so tired she fell asleep wearing her contact lenses. oh goodness gracious me, that only happened to me once, when i was drunk... stephanie with the kind of people she meets and works with needs lovely stuff to wear. her favourite place to shop for clothes and shoes is the boutique "cph" - see the cute shoes and the stylish raincoat. cph is located at the small scheitergasse 3 in the oberdorf area in zürich. here on this picture she's not looking tired at all...

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