Samstag, 15. November 2008


mahara getting dressed at glam

juliana getting dressed at her store glam

rodarte - winner of the swiss textiles award - wonderful clothes with killer-heels and a long dress at the end which was the highlight

jean-pierre braganza - very cool clothes with a rock attitude and great wild music for his walk!

cathy pill - where one model slipped out of her shoes for about five times

i loved the animations on the screen - very tender and nice.. but i didn't really liked the thin shape of stella - the virtual girl

TOGA - i liked a lot: stylish with a bit country-flavour

richard nicoll - nice colours

german model franziska knuppe, who hardly couldn't speak one sentence without any slips of the tongue

missoni daughter angela and lovely daughter of daughter margherita - inviting the winner for an internship

marios schwab - last years winner

very tattoed model - i like that

didn't made any pictures of patricia field's collection cause i think it's horrible clothes...

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