Dienstag, 5. Januar 2010


these pictures of it-girls and boys from zurich i made in december specially for my street style wallpaper and couture.  more information will follow....

barbara lienhard, a journalist and style-council in mostly H&M. i like the green mixed with the yellow!

jonas hegi, student in his favourite vibskov-jacket

lisa mettier, it-girl, graphic design student&party organizer wears a mixture of vintage, zara&H&M
www.artschoolvelvets.com/blog/lisamettier, www.myspace.com/gschpaenli

joel is a photographer from basel, which has his unique style i like to call modern robin hood (his style-icon is peter pan!). he's wearing his own label 7alliance, and a mix of flea markets from london, paris and new york.

mahara mckay is a dj and model from zurich who likes to play with style. here she's mixing H&M with vintage clothes, the boots are from new york.
www.maharamckay.ch, www.djrocksy.ch

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