Samstag, 10. Juli 2010


no homeless-chique this time, but also provocative as everyone expected from the fashion-enfant-terrible patrick mohr. men and also women with pubic-hair-like as beards were walking the catwalk at patrick mohr show. hair&make-up was something between fascinating and ugly, and i almost forgot to look at the clothes - they were quite wearable this time. very dislikable was the press-lady, acting that important and stressful as she was at  dior or chanel (might be more easy-going there) - sorry but this is berlin and not paris - and i really don't know if you ever gonna show in paris.. (a patrick mohr wish). i also heard some other stories of the very choleric and hysteric designer and it just fits to all what i see and experience myself.
patrick mohr show: 1, 5 hours for this very special hair&make-up style!!!
no hair, but beards - even the women or creatures they are....
horrible anorexic girl and albino model shaun walking the patrick mohr show
swiss model affa at patrick mohr backstage

short interview 
is this is your first time walking at mercedes benz fashion week?
affa: yes, this is my first time at the berlin fashion week. patrick mohr wanted me for his show and booked me directly. i'm happy to be in the show. 
do you like the clothes you're wearing?
affa: yes, i like patrick mohr and how he is concerned about the details in his collections. he definitely has his own style
what about this hair&make-up style?
affa: it took the hair&make-up artist 1,5 hours to do this very special style. they first put a lot of gel in the hair, then they layered it with some theater stuff to make bold heads. then they put the hair on it. it was itchy and very uncomfortable! but if it's worth for the show, it's ok for me! 

no positive words had affas bookerin nina from izaio models
i think they deformed the models and it's not even made professional. shaun even had an inflammation going on his neck. and the anorexic model at the end was definitely too much! didn't like it at all! 

swiss delegation at patrick mohr show: barbara furer and laura bättig from fashionslave zurich
the models from izaio agency: affa from berne, shaun ross from new york!
laura from fashionslave, model shaun and artist daniel "samo" bolliger
with shaun ross in the pool at ellesse by woodwood poolparty - finally swimming - yeah!


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