Samstag, 18. Dezember 2010


heiliger bimbam! from sunday 19th till 24th of december the market-queens vania and katja are organizing a christmas market at the newest hot-spot in town - plaza club! everyday from 11.30 you can buy great gifts for christmas from over 50 stores and labels. why going for hectic shopping at bahnhofstrasse when you have the opportunity to buy more individual things made and sold from heart? also you have a lot of cool stores in the area around the club. here you can see the routes  -  if you buy five presents you can bring them to plaza club and give them to wrap in gift paper. and you have the opportunity to win a freitag reference bag! isn't that just great? in the evening there is always something going on with different djs and lots of fun (for example jingle bells on tuesday where i will play some records again :) 
so see you there!!! 

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