Montag, 28. März 2011


danny schneider, a friend from berne, is a chopper freak. due to his insanity and an accident ten years ago that shut him down, he started to make his own customized bikes. he was driven by creating the perfect bike. and he did it. he created this amazing chopper, inspired by his first bmx-bicycle, with glitter and stars. there is no suprise that the crazy and enthusiastic japanese are the biggest fans of his creation and made him a star there. they invited him to tokyo for the biggest bike show mooneyes and he had to give many autographs there. the bernese jan mühlethaler made a documentary about danny, his passion in customizing bikes, his drivenness that stops him from going insane and about his friends in berne. myself i was fascinated by these guys, who where an inspiration for me in the mid 90s, cause they represented craziness, they were (and most of them still are) big boys which never grew up, and they did things nobody would do like skiing in the middle of the city, walking around with cowboy hats, played attacks of banks in snowboard camps, where we spent time together and firing fireworks in their asses before shows like jackass even existed! the movie is interesting for people who know hard nine, or for those who are interested in bike techniques. 

dates to watch the movie: 

kino cinématte bern: 
tonight monday 28th march, 6.30 pm
thursday, 31th march, 9 pm

kino riffraff zürich: 
friday 8th april 11 pm 
saturday 9th april 11 pm
sunday 10th april 12 pm

kino bourbaki lucerne: 
friday 15th april 11 pm
saturday 16th april 11 pm
sunday 17th april 12 pm

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