Mittwoch, 8. Juni 2011


swatch sent us a really exciting press release for their recent swatch & art love story project, this time with london-based photographer rankin. i hate to admit it but i first got to know his work when i was watching germany's next topmodel. i didn't like heidi klum nor swatch at that point. but swatch really turned things around with the last couple of releases and my dislike for misses seal couldn't stop me from admiring rankin, so yes...i'm unexpectedly happy about this collaboration.
the collection is simple yet effective. each watch shows the body part, that most people claim to be their most beautiful – the human eye. or the iris, to be specific. it's one of the most fascinating, colourful and, as the fingerprint, unique things about the human body. and worn around your wrist certainly an eyecatcher.

the swatch art & love - rankin collection contains 8 gent original watches, 5 of them in a numbered set, limited to 777 copies.


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