Sonntag, 23. Oktober 2011


all my clothes moved to stauffacher, in the center of the city zürich. they are integrated in the shop "trachte-egge" of rosa schärer. she will take care of the stuff, while i am travelling for wintertime. please visit the shop if you need something for private parties, halloween, fasnacht, promotions, events, stylings and so on. most of them are sexy girl outfits such as playboy bunnies, christmas dresses, cowgirls, aloha girls, rock-chicks, 70s tennis skirts, cheerleaders and school girl outfits. some you even find 4-5 times, so perfect for promotion stuff. every item you can check on the facebook site below (please visit show now and then press featured items for the categories). there are also many accessories and shoes which are not pictured. so dress up and have fun!

Get Dressed, Kostümverleih / Costume Rental (Trachte-Egge)
Rebgasse 5 (beim Stauffacher)
8004 Zürich
Tel. 043 243 92 76 / 079 212 25 29 (Rosa Schärer) (unter shop now)

Mi: 10 - 13 / 14 - 17 Uhr
Fr: 10 - 13 / 14 - 17 Uhr
Sa: 10 - 16 Uhr
übrige Zeiten und Schulferien nach Vereinbarung

Foto: Robert Lenz / Styling: Tina Weiss / Hair&Make-up: Najat Zinbi / Models: Lejla & Anina, Option / Location: Bliss Showroom

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