Montag, 22. November 2010


 essor jewelery from biel, juliette is quitting after nine years working for essor. new projects will be announced next year! 

 cuties for the neck from winschu (berlin) 
peace collection by mayer - loved the images!

 wanna see guys in the kitchen with these aprons.... housewife revolution by sheela

 what a cute idea! this box is a bit magnetic - is standing for amorousness, inside are two engagement rings and a sheet with the writing: "lass uns verschmelzen". so if you get married, you give the ring, the sheet and the little box to melt. what you get in the end is the wedding ring! great idea!

 successful new hayek maurice de mauriac and his wife in his cute vintage-styled-booth
 "nato-wrist-bands" people often buy for rolex watches
 maurice de mauriac watches with new coloured watch glasses to change

 i think the name of this brand of hair-accessories i liked the most! 

 wonderful handmade lingerie and pasties from lyn lingerie

 wonderful gift wrap paper from fischflorin

 alsamendi: "kaffeeklatsch" collection with new coats, which i liked a lot

newcomer like reolons bags

blickfang took place last weekend. the exhibitors were similar like every year... good swiss quality but not very much innovation.. for the first time they did a fashion performance instead of a fashion show. yannick aellen was not only doing the performance, he was also singing! wow! didn't know that he can sing! and very well also! absolut vodka was the new sponsor of the lounge - and fashion hunters like marisa pichler (hopehope), pascal grob and lisa mettier presented their own drinks at the bar. they said there were also a exhibition with style pictures they took, but i couldn't find it there and also not on the blog!? also a premier was the corner  "boleros choice "with some fashion labels i liked. here are my favorites and some impressions:

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