Donnerstag, 4. November 2010


first fashion days zurich opened with a show of the sponsor itself. vips in style and not-so-style attended the first night. for me it has the taste of a typical swiss provincial vip-event (kind of miss schweiz): some big names from the newspapers (just some) - but very less sense of style! at least what i can see on the official website gallery! and they want to be named in the same row with new york or milan....

best dressed of the evening: 
1. laurence antiglio from vestibule in a new version of nerd-shades and jeroen van rooijen (nzz)
2. models ronja furrer and jenny bachmann: a young romantic-rock-attitude
3. society ladies deborah neufeld and kaye anthon
4. sabrina pesenti, sympathetic assistant of designer kazu huggler with partner
5. i don't know them, but they look good 

not so best dressed: 
1. anita burri
2. fabienne kropf
3. claudia lässer 
4. a lot more, as you can see in the last pictures 

laurence antiglio (vestibule) and jeroen van rooijen (nzz)

 is fitness-coach beatrice bolliger allowed to wear the same dress as monica cruz?

monica cruz in one of her own designs for charles vögele (the same dress as beatrice bolliger) 
how much she got paid to wear the same dress than another person on a red carpet? 
(of course there will be hundreds or thousand more who will wear this dress - for christmas or for new years eve)

 anita buri - more casual than fashionable in a synthetic-fabric overall with a necklace by H&M (which i have too by the way) 

claudia lässer in a dream of flowers, i hope silk, but the waist is very low - like anita's as well - shouldn'it be the opposite?

 deborah neufeld and kaye anthon - pure, elegant, black-white-red, no risk! 
young&sexy: models ronja furrer and jenny bachmann

i don't know them, but they look good

 fabienne kropf and tom lüthi: sweet love but bitter style - or i would say swiss and unsophisticated...

 kazu hugglers assistant: colourful and smiling! 

 a lot of not-so-best-dressed VIPs of the opening show: what is going on there?

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