Montag, 7. Februar 2011


Dior invited me last week for the launch of their classic fragrance "miss dior chérie". Even though i'm using my favourite perfume "j'adore dior" since years, the lovely people at dior introduced my to the slightly different fragrance miss dior chérie. I must say i loved it too! They also presented the new testimonial of the new campaign: the beautiful and very talented natalie portman! After the world of scents they introduced me to their new lipstick-line, dior addict. The fashion icon kate moss is the new face of dior make-up. Dior couldn't choose a better model to represent their lipstick and make-up line. I absolutely love her, she's so gorgeous! I tried the new addict lipstick in a light pink colour, it was fantastic. The texture is like a blend of gloss and lipstick, very smooth. I could also try the new nailpolish line with a lot of new colours that will be available in stores this march. Of course I choosed the colour red, the make-up artist put a top coat on it that is called "rock coat". The colour turned out dark red at the end, it gives you an edgy touch.
here some impressions of the event:

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Astrid {via Models and Muses} hat gesagt…

Oooh sounds like it was a lovely event to be invited to! Which city was it at? Paris? Zurich? Keep sharing!