Dienstag, 15. Februar 2011


guillermo sorya did a lot of songwriting and gave his vocals for other swiss artists, now it's the time to go big with his own thing! the debut single called "Dr Sidi Abdel Assar vo El Hama" is a new interpretation of the classic of songwriter mani matter and is a pre-taste for his upcoming album "daily bread".
 i must say i like the artwork of his press picture very much, and i will look foreward to see him live! there is also a funny behind the scenes video on youtube, where you can see his connection with camels :)
i'm also exited to visit dante, cause i missed the opening!

guillermo sorya, friday, 18th of february, dante bar and basement, showcase&apéro from 9 pm (if they like your face, you're in :), party from 10.30 in the basement with evangelos (gomma), david suivez (ponybomb) and CNDR (zh).
www.dante-zurich.ch, www.guillermosorya.ch

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