Samstag, 10. September 2011


the fashion show of my ex intern caroline busch and the other students was very professional. to the choreography and - as usual - a fine music selection - by yannick aellen, they showed their collections, which impressed me a lot. in the beginning there was the ETH showing some "wearable computing lab." clothes, which react with sensors to the movements of the person. the challenge was to create the clothes that are also wearable. have a look...was fun to look at! for the collections of the students i really liked the very feminine collection of edgar balseca, the funky clothes of carmen michel and of course, caroline busch showed some very wearable pieces with a rock attitude. when the models turned they posed quickly for a picture - very good idea! i also liked the models and their hair-style a lot!

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Tanii hat gesagt…

WOW!Die Kleider gsend super us!Ich will au mol an e Fashionshow!
xx Tanja