Dienstag, 27. September 2011


i almost forgot to write the story about wayoo bags... but it seams that summer is still here! and also these wonderful bags can also be worn in wintertime! i am happy to wear one of these handmade bags by the indians of the wayuu-tribe, who are living in goajira, located between columbia and venezuela. each bag is made by hand and unique. the inspiration of the designs are taken from the stars, nature, animals, and even their dreams. the colours of the bags are wonderful and very colorful. the vision of the wayuu is that we care and appreciate nature and their treasures, and the work of the latin american natives. there are also projects going on to help the minorities in this country. as i really adore these bags, i helped katherine with a little pr. she brought this wonderful craft to switzerland, her grandfather himself was a wayuu. in the us, stars like shakira and katy perry are wearing the bags. and here, its djane mahara mc kay and model and presenter anouk manser who felt in love with wayuu.... uuuuuuuuuuh... so, when do you get your wayoo bag? 
order now: www.wayoo. ch

fotos: tina weiss 

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