Freitag, 17. September 2010


after 17 years of successful bags you can buy around the world, freitag opened a new store at grüngasse in zürich. there it looks like a editorial department from the 20s. every morning daniel freitag and his stuff chooses out of a range of daily newspaper their favorites articels and pictures. they discuss and give a topic to each paper called daily reference. so they print an own page over 14 days, till 23.9. under the help of professionell printers and very old machines using hot type. at the end there will be a newspaper out of all these single pages getting digitized. of course there is this new collection of bags called reference. they are still made out of truck tarps but they look more modern and pure. i like them a lot more and can image myself carrying a freitag reference bag. i never bought a freitag bag and i can't really explain why. i guess i felt this product is too commercial and it didn't look that nice to me. but i have a great admiration to freitag brothers, which have a great success with their products! it's something typical swiss and even in tokyo i saw lots of people with freitag bags! 
go have a look at grüngasse 21 and watch the family müller printing there. it's beautiful! 
and even the promoters are great - never saw such good-dressed promoters! 

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