Dienstag, 28. September 2010


multitalented photographer&artist daniel bolliger aka samo made a project together with laura lazura from the innovative mens fashionstore fashionslave in zürich. the team realised a photoshoot in berlin with clothes from sadak, aluar balagan, julius, julianandben, butterflysoulfire, raul egloff alcaide, natalia brilli, petar petrov and raf simons. one of the models is shaun ross, "african-american-albino" and shootingstar from new york. 
i loved the pictures! they have an amazing look and almost look painted. samo retouched the pictures in a very special way and they look very mystic and beautiful with a strong sense. 
www.danielbolliger.com, www.fashionslave.ch


manu hat gesagt…

Ich finde Deine Fotos und Dein Style super, aber Dein Englisch ist fürchterlich... warum nicht auf Deutsch schreiben?

Fiona Timantti hat gesagt…

Dj Tatu Vuolteenaho, one of the best and most stylish! <3