Dienstag, 4. Mai 2010


10 Questions with Tina Weiss

Where are you right now?
I’m in my hotel room in New Jersey close to the airport. I’m stuck in New York with a friend because of the volcano in Island! But it could be worse than being stuck in New York with a paid hotel and some money for the road….(big smile)
Descripe your mood in a picture?
Tell me about what you are working on now?
I’m currently organizing some promotions, I’m about to archive my over 1000 street style pictures for a book, I have some styling work and I’am about to produce a new re-styling show with my partner Najat Zinbi for Schweizer Illustrierte Online. And there is a side-project with a photographer and a painter I am very excited for…So there’s something going on like always!!!
What inspires you?
Everything that catches my eye, could be nature, brick-walls, skyscrapers and architecture, people in the subway, poverty and richness – and at the moment Melanie, my friend and model, we took some pictures on a roof in Brooklyn today and it was terrific!
What is your favorite tech gadget?
My camera and my iphone!
What is the best part of your day?
I love to snuggle under the blanket in the bed at night (or in the morning).
What would you love to do and have not done yet?
Driving from Switzerland to Marocco (still dreaming of Gibraltar and Tanger) or even South Africa…and go on a sailing-boat for a world trip!
What is “chic”?
Drinking Champagne in the middle of the day, wearing a evening dress for the walk to the supermarket…
What was your personal style like as a kid/teenager?
It was a boyish style like pants with a turtleneck pullover or jumpsuits in the 70s as a kid and in the 80s as a teenager with horrible stone-washed jeans and fancy colours and a permanent wave! But I’m falling in love with the 80s again…
What will you do after the interview?
I will finally go to bed cause it’s seven in the morning. I talked a lot to my friend, I organized pictures, blogged and did some other work…time to say good night!!!!

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