Montag, 23. Mai 2011


i had a big fascination about tokyo and japan. when i visited tokyo three years ago, i was overwhelmed of the massive impressions i got in this crazy and big city. i still have friends there.
i was and i still am shocked about what happened in japan march 11th, and i think it's something that everyone should be concerned of, cause it's one of the biggest help sign for our planet! now i heard of the project "tomodachi", which means my friend in japanese. a few people living in tokyo/japan and people who worked in this city created a webshop with lots of cool stuff. a lot of different artists are contributing to this shop such as artist, illustrator and musician robert crumb (fritz the cat) or director, screenwriter and musician michel gondry (eternal sunshine of the spotless mind) and many many more. the whole benefit goes to the japanese red cross. so please visit the page, check the big range of cool stuff and order something! 

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