Montag, 21. Juni 2010


so, wouldn't it be even more interesting, when the footballers would play topless? :) i think, they will look even better! by the way - they look that good cause they are in a uniform. i really don't think that ronaldo, behrami & co. are dressed very stylish (hello gucci handbags) and also the hair-style has some questions open... (but its funny that it seems to be a connection there -most of them are centers - and divas...) and we don't need to really know their character as well :) 
so here are my favorite football pictures of torres, ronaldo, ramos, derdiyok, inler, behrami... to sugar the worldcup for us women a little bit! just to watch and smile! have fun!

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they are fucking hot
the boys should stop coplain that we look at the bodys and not at the ball. :'D