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 yeah, the swiss national football team will fly to johannesburg tonight for the fifa world cup! i wish them good luck, nevertheless they'll be back soon i guess :) as south africa will be all around from friday on, i have lovely memories back in january and february, where i spent wintertime in cape town (where it was summer!) it was an amazing time - please have a look at my blog post from then for colorful pictures. and here i wanna share some of the pictures i took in the township kalkfontein of byron, abeante, vuyanni, keisha, cassidy, malaicha, ru'aan. thank you again! it was one of my most beautiful days in cape town!
and below you'll find my cape town guide, for all those who are spending time there during the fifa worldcup or any other time. enjoy! and like my friend aaliya would say: 
"cape town is: inspirational, innovative, passionate, spirited, vibrant and proud! 

-royale (long street): best hamburger in town! Try ostrich-hamburger! loved it!
-bombay bicyle club (upper kloof street): funny interieur and great food, a unique place!
-theos (greenpoint): just a normal restaurant, but the best prices and quality in seafood. 1 kg of shrimps for 15 swiss francs!! Delicious oysters and i can recommend also the entrecôte with roquefort sauce!
-beluga (green point): best sushi in town! ask for the happy hour!
-giovannis (green point): italian deli, good coffee
-kauai: healthy fast food chain with good food and fresh fruit-juices
-charlys bakery (roeland street): pink on the outside, pink on the inside, you can’t miss, if you love sweets there are amazing cupcakes, cookies, pies and more!
-long street (african markets, vintage stores and skate/surfshops) 
-kloof street (fashion shops, high five record shop, on top of the street arigato secondhand and a lot more!)
-malls: waterfront at the harbour, cape quarter in green point: little mall perfect for lunch and little shopping, outside town: cavendish and canal walk
-the areas woodstock and observatory
old biscuit mall market on saturdays in woodstock – very nice place with lots of handcrafts from south africa, vintage clothes, young designers and a wide range of international food (say hi to the swiss making „flammenkuchen“
(woodstock is an upcoming, interesting area with stores and a lot of agencies and artists working there... (nevertheless you better leave the place as it gets dark!)
-greenmarket square (next to long street): everyday market with african handcrafts, clothes, jewellery, music and more!
-che bar (longstreet): a nice cuban interieur, hope they stop playing techno all the time... 
-the neighbourhood (longstreet): wonderful interieur with old books and big heavy leather seats, happy hour: take some drinks there before clubbing
-grand daddy (longstreet): hotel with a trailerpark on the rooftop! – old american silver campers as hotelrooms! Very stylish! They have a bar there and playing old movies sometimes! 
-rafikis (kloof nek): flirting and drinking on the rooftop – an alltime favorite where a lot of different people come together! You’ll not stay alone for long time! (i must admit i wasn’t there)
-longstreet: almost like longstreet in zürich but much prettier victorian style buildings: the place to be for bars and clubs, most of them have balconys or rooftops and most of them are playing black music!
-fiction: one of the only places for electro music!  
-the waiting room: my favorite club! A inspiring mixture of white and black people, lots of funk, hip hop and mash up music!
-marvel, johannesburg, pretoria (longstreet): to get the real shit - maybe you’ll be the only white person, but thats no problem, they won’t bite, just dancing with you the african style: lots of hip hop, kwaito (african hip hop) or dancehall! 
-guru ramdas (park road, next to kloof): very cute building with mainly kundalini yoga classes!
-vaudeville (mechau street): brand new entertainment venue with cabaret, show, eating, burlesque, artists – a fun experience!
-lion head: hikig table mountain is for pros! I did lion head and i’m all happy with it (be sure to visit table mountain, but you can also do it with the swiss cable car) hike lion hill at around four/five in the morning and you’ll see an amazing sunrise above the city. Takes about 1,5 hours one way! (if you don’t wanna get up early, you can do it for sunset!)
-nelson mandela rhodes hotel pool: (wale street) very special insider tip: you can lay at the hotel-pool all day while enjoying cocktails and the chill-out-housy music of the dj.
-bo kaap: muslim quarter, candy coloured houses, just amazing to watch and picture (ask for permission, if someone's coming!)   
-camps bay: caprice bar: spot of the white and rich, nice for sundowners, boring for clubbing
-clifton: wonderful beaches 1-4 (nr. 1 and 2 you’ll find the models and actors, nr. 3 is for the gay, nr. 4 for the families, so make sure, you pick the right stairs there.. he he)
-kalk bay: little village outside town with lots of vintage furniture stores
excuse my french: creperie and furniture store
artvark: art store with lots of handmade stuff and art – very nice!
olympia café & deli: restaurant and bakery a few steps further than the café: one of the best breads i ever had!
kalkys: seafood restaurant directly at the sea, you can’t have the fish more fresh than there, their special is fish’n’chips!

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