Freitag, 4. Juni 2010


at baur au lac there was a big press conference including lunch with O.P.I. the nail laquer brand launched their swiss collection! the fun names of the colors are "just a little rösti at this", "diva of geneva", "from a to z-urich", glitzerland and more. as i'm originally from berne, my favorite is: "color so hot it berns". suzi weiss-fischmann, artistict director flew in from los angeles to present the successfull story of O.P.I., showing the making of and of course her favorite color: "i'm suzi & i'm a chocoholic". the whole collection is on a very touristic base, with a campaign-shoot in the studio in LA with fake snow and is not bringing in any connection to switzerland. so it stays a bit on the surface - the typical american success-story!? as the alphorn blew i left with all 12 beautiful nail colors (and swiss army knife chocolate!) by the way: there is a O.P.I. application for your iphone where you can choose the nail-colors to your skin tone (it's free)! 


debi-joy hat gesagt…

Im just wearing the Gold one love it very much!! Debi and me got to try out the new colors from Opi on Friday at Vertigo =)

tina weiss hat gesagt…

ha! funny! me too i'm wearing "glitzerland" right now!