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stephanie is a 25-years old online communications specialist from zurich. she's wearing a fabulous vintage belt from italy, a dress from bangkok, a bluetooth-earpiece from swarovski and a netbook from samsung. her favourite designers are the blonds, a design-duo from new york who creates beautiful and very crazy dresses. her fashion-dream is to own a vintage thierry mugler dress. her style icon is anna dello russo (fashion director of vogue japan) and the french stylist catherine baba.

edinson (left) is a student from colombia who lives in zurich. he's wearing a h&m jacket, a shirt from jack&jones and jeans from cheap monday. his cool hat and shoes are also from h&m. the bracelets he's wearing are a gift from his ex-boyfriend. edison's favourite fashion label is dsquared and his style icon is easy to guess: pete doherty.

edisons friend dominic is a salesman from zurich. his jacket and his t-shirt are from h&m, the pants are a gift from edinson. he's wearing shoes from zara and a bag from louis vuitton. his fashion dream is to sit front row at the fashion week in new york (mine too by the way!!)... dominic's favourite blog is and his style icon is the very rock'n'roll topmodel agyness deyn.


jonas is a 19-year old photographer from zurich (he works for kinki magazine). his shoes are from the parisian vintage-store kiliwatch. he's wearing jeans from american apparel and his i love ny t-shirt is from lux plus. he would never wear ed hardy and his not yet realised fashion dream is a costume from club kids. he loves the designer jil sander and he admires the voyage voyage-singer desireless for her style.

tiziana is a member of the creative agency rawcut and works in the same house we do (villa manegg). she's wearing a dress from urban outfitters and shoes from aldo, both from london.


vicky butterfly is a 27-years old burlesque performer from london. she's wearing a vintage dress from lost&found, a second hand jacket from berlin and shoes from the brick lane market in london. no question: her favourite designer is john galliano! vicky would love to have all costumes from the 20-ies movies. her style icon is marchesa luisa casati, an italian society lady from the early 20th century. her show which i saw at cabaret was amazing, so poetic!


ulrike is a model from berlin, who works as an architect in zürich. she is wearing a combination of sandro and maje, her favorite labels. we had a shooting with her for tagesanzeiger - i think she looks more beautiful here!


these pictures are from the kreislauf 4 and 5 day taken in front of the opia store (which has amazing collections from asia!) lisa (left) is a designer from basel. she's wearing a dress and a umbrella from greyhound, which you can buy at opia store. her style icon is dita von teese. lisa's fashion dream is to have the entire collection from kiki de montparnasse.

yvonne is also a designer from zurich. she has a own label named "yvy". she's wearing a dress from her label, a missoni bag and shoes from yves saint laurent. yvonne's favourite store in zurich is opia. she loves alexander mcqueen (R.I.P.) and would never wear fake labels.


lalla morte is a burlesque performer from paris. her dress and her jacket are from a fleamarket from paris. she recommends the vintageshop casablanca in paris for shopping. her favourite blog is


funny moments at the last "trouvailles de fiona" at kaufleuten hof. juliana from the store glam is playing marilyn monroe... i think she's doing great... LOL!


jug on the left is an artist from zurich who is also studying journalism in bern. she's wearing a tailor-made shirt from bangkok and a bag from friis & company. the jacket is a gift from her friend. her favourite designers are vivienne westwood and agnès bernet. i catched her around the new viadukt stores.

sinta i catched around löwenplatz. she was not really wanted to get pictured, but i liked her red-blue combination so much, that she posed for me. she was wearing vintage and a bag from mtv, where she used to work.


the jewelry-designer and entrepreneur fabiennne is 24 years old and lives in geneva and zurich. she's wearing a blazer from zara, a bag from balenciaga and ballerinas from repetto from geneva. the jewelry is from her own label azita. her fashion icons are sienna miller and the mtv-star olivia palermo. visit her online store:

michael on the right is an it-specialist from zurich. he's wearing a sweater from nepal (a gift from his mother), jeans from surface2air from new york, a bag from filson also from new york and the very beautiful vest is from opening ceremony. his favourite label is acne and he would never wear christian audigier and crogs. he likes to shop on ebay, trè and beacons closet in new york.


eugenij is an artist/musician from zurich who i catched at the bürkliplatz market. it was a bit hard to get a lot of information from him, but he kept giving compliments and kissing my hand... he is very unique!


tanja is a at her smoke-break during work. she's a saleswoman at the store big in zurich. so no wonder she's wearing everything from big..... and she loves the strawberry drink from migros!

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