Montag, 7. Juni 2010


the sun doesn't show up that much, so we need some fake tans...and as i'm an addict to all kind of bronzing stuff (i need some glowing on my pale skin....!) i will show you my collection with a little information to it. most of them i found in other countries than switzerland.... 
from left to right:  
clinique self sun: this is a self-tan spray, so it's easier to put on than a lotion, it gives a very natural tan and - has a smell like coffee! but thats way better than the normal smell of other self-tanners.... 33 fr.
ambre solaire gloss bräuner: this is actually my favorite self-tanner, but they changed the texture from a creamy brown to a more fluid and transparent lotion with glitter. it's still nice especially for the legs to give a nice shimmer. around 15 fr. 
suntanned sweeties: this australian brand with the cutest looking i found at sephora. it's a bronze radiant cream that is very dark when you put it on so you need some energy to cream it in... otherwise you look like naomi campbell! but at the end you have a really nice glow on your legs! and it smells nice! around 40 fr. 
star bronzer: this bronzer from lancôme actually is an oil with glitter in it. you can put it over other lotions or other self-tanners to complete with some glitters. nice for going out, maybe too much for daytime. around 35 fr. (have it for quite some time, don't know the price anymore) 
body bronzer spray: you'll find it only at sephora, it's a spray easy to put on and gives you a nice tan. but it's pretty small and after some usages it's already empty.... around 15 fr. 

from left to right:

glam bronze: this teint spray from l'oréal is pretty good, as it gives a warm tone on your legs. it's specially or pale skins like blondes or red-haired women... be aware of your floor, after using this, it's gonna be brown too! around 25 fr. 
michael kors: this leg shine i also found at sephora. it works like a deodorant stick and it smells very very nice!!! just rub it over legs and you can also use it for your arms - and you don't need any perfume at all! around 15 fr. 
jiffy tan benefit: i am a little disappointed from benefit, cause they took all my favorite products out of their range. no more skin bronzer with the flamingos on the bottle, no more hollywood glo body lustre, just this one is left. despite their nice package i must say, that this cream is very dark and not glowing at all, it's just brown and over all - it doesn't smell nice! bring back the other ones thanks! 
bare bronze: this product i found at victorias secret. it's pretty dark, not the perfect thing for pale skin tones, but it's pretty transparent and has glitter in it and it develops a nice colour after a while. it's instant shine and lasting colour, so you have both here. and the smell is ok, not too bad. around 15 fr. 

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